photo booths

photo booth pictures tell you that i have a penchant for pretty, sometimes considered petty trivialities, when i can't even keep a whole album in my phone gallery without impulsively deleting them all in a fit of anger. so here it is, for the space in the internet to immortalize, the pretty, the petty and … Continue reading photo booths



i remember a cold november night, a bag of sweets, and you, all wide-eyed and extremely adorable, as i welcomed you home. i remember the first time i saw city lights that many, and you asking, what are you waiting for before love me wholeheartedly? for me to become very handsome? that's too far off, … Continue reading mazes

A Warning

(June, 2014)   WARNING! Do not  date a bookworm. (An attempt to explain myself in so few words)   Dating a bookworm is impossible. Don’t date her.  You will never know what to say when she gushes out things like “Oh gods, I can’t wait for Rick Riordan’s Doors of Death!” Or when she asks … Continue reading A Warning